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Genealogy Requirements

1) Genealogies submitted to NSWC must be certified by a Genealogical Records Searcher (GRS) or a Certified Genealogist (CG).

2) If your genealogy is not certified and you were born in Nova Scotia, then NSWC can arrange for a researcher to certify the information given on the NSWC genealogy form. This service is offered at a flat rate of $40 to cover research time and expenses.

IMPORTANT: Copies of supporting information must be sent with the application as far back as circa 1900. This could include birth records, baptismal records (showing date of birth), marriage records, death records, deeds, census records, legal wills, or newspaper announcements of birth, death, and marriage. Due to privacy laws, genealogists do not have access to vital statistics documents from the last century. They must be obtained within the family. Please highlight your native line. If your genealogy does not have the supporting information that is requested, your application cannot be processed.

3) If you have a sibling or parent who is a member of NSWC in good standing who has already provided a certified genealogy to NSWC or who has had their genealogy certified through NSWC, you don’t need to have your genealogy certified, but you still need to send in a copy of your genealogy.

4) If you don’t reside in Nova Scotia and have a status card from your home province or state, send a copy with your application, of if you have a relative who has status from a different province or state, try to get a copy of that to send as well.

See the Membership page for application details.

Genealogies must be linked back to an certified North American (Turtle Island) aboriginal OR to a certified genealogical line.

Certified Genealogical Lines

Joshua Nickerson (b. 1733) and Esther Ryder (b. 1734)

Gideon Nickerson (b. 1745) and Sarah Bearse (b. 1745)

André Josseaume (b.1796) and Marguerite Lejeune (b. 1808)

Rene and Anne Marie Rimbault

Pierre Lejeune II