Applications for membership submitted to NSWC must include verifiable genealogical documentation proving Wampanoag ancestry.

This could include birth records, baptismal records (showing date of birth), marriage records, death records, deeds, census records, legal wills, or newspaper announcements of birth, death, and marriage. Please highlight your direct Wampanoag line. If your genealogy does not have the supporting information, your application cannot be approved.

If you have a parent (not a sibling, not a grandparent, not a cousin, etc.) who is a member of NSWC in good standing, you only require a long form birth certificate or other documentation that verifies your relationship to that parent. 

See the Membership page for application details.

Certified Genealogical Lines

Joshua Nickerson (b. 1733) and Esther Ryder (b. 1734)

Gideon Nickerson (b. 1745) and Sarah Bearse (b. 1745)