***The Annual Meeting of the Nova Scotia Wampanoag Council will be held July 13th, 2022. Time is 7:00pm at the Barrington Municipal Building in the Multipurpose Room. Use the right side entrance. ***

Diversity in Healthcare Bursaries 

The Nova Scotia Wampanoag Council would like to thank everyone that attended our community gathering on June 22nd. See a few photos on the Pictures page.

We are making a list of those interested in a Nova Scotia Wampanoag flag. We are hoping to get 30 members who are interested. There are two sizes to choose from now. 18" x 36" for $45 or 36" x 60" for $105. If interested, send an email to [email protected]

New by-laws for the Nova Scotia Wampanoag Council have been approved. Please email our secretary to get on our email distribution list to get a copy.

Dues for current members for 2019 are now due. Cheques can be made out to Nova Scotia Wampanoag Council. 

P.O. Box 219 

Clark's Harbour, NS 


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The Green Fund of the Aboriginals of America Announcement - (it is in French with a bit of English by Daphne Williamson)

  • A treaty of cooperation and unity between the the Métis Federation of Canada and SWNM was signed on September 13th in Clam Point, Nova Scotia. Visit the pictures page for photos taken at the signing. Marilyn Cunningham, Paul Crowell, and Rick Crowell witnessed Chief Tony Cunningham signing the treaty.
  • The Standing Senate Committee on Aboriginal People has released their report called The People Who Own Themselves. The Sou'West Nova Métis Community is included in the report.

  • On 27 March 2012, the Standing Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples began a study on issues respecting the legal and political recognition of Métis identity in Canada, including: legal, political and cultural definitions of the Métis; and processes for enumeration and registration of the Métis. Other matters in relation to the broader question of identity, and which may be explored as part of the study, include: the eligibility of the Métis for existing federal programs and services; and the exercise of Métis Aboriginal rights, including those that may be related to lands and harvesting. Sou'West Nova Métis Council lawyer, Daphne Williamson spoke to the committee on behalf of the Sou'West Nova Métis community on November 6th, 2012.

  • Video Link - Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples