Get your genealogy certified first (see Genealogy page)

1) Complete and send your application form and the appropriate fees to NSWC:

a) $100 – one-time fee applicable to each new member 

b) $30 - annual membership dues ($20) and card processing fees ($10) for each applicant

Cheques and money orders must be in Canadian dollars. Make payable to Nova Scotia Wampanoag Council.

Please Note: Current members should pay their $20 annual dues by January 1st of the coming year.

2) $40 – genealogy fee (only if you need your genealogy verified (see Genealogy page)

3) Attach two photocopies of your long-form birth certificate or baptismal certificate.

4) Attach four recent colour photos (1” x 1.25” – the size of a driver’s license – passport photos will not be accepted as they are too big)

5) Attach one copy of your full genealogy that has been certified by a Genealogical Records Searcher (GRS) or a Certified Genealogist (CG). See Genealogy page.


When card renewals are required, this will be the process.

1) Send four recent small colour photos (1” x 1.25” – the size of a driver’s license)

2) If you have outstanding dues, you must pay them plus $10 for the new card before it can be sent.

3) If you have lost your new card you will have to pay $5 for a replacement.



Rachel Hatfield (M-F, 11am-5pm, Tuesday 6-9pm)

Phone: (902) 745-2654 (Home)


Blank Genealogy Form for working on your genealogy.

Membership Application Form

Section under Review

Membership is open to all Métis individuals from any province or state. A Métis person is:

  • a person of mixed Native-American and non-Native-American heritage;

  • a person who self-identifies as Métis; and

  • accepted by a Métis community as being Métis

All three criteria must be met as well as providing proof of Native-American heritage upon applying for membership. There is NO blood quantum requirement. We do not see ourselves as simply being a percentage of our Native-American heritage, but as being 100% Métis and nothing else.

Our members come from all walks of life and heritage. Most are indigenous Métis of Mi'kmaw and Wampanoag heritage. Others are western Métis whose heritage may be Cree, Ojibwa, Blackfoot, Sioux, Cherokee, or others. Our commonalities are our inability to walk comfortably in the everyday worlds of either side of our heritage, and our wish to simply be who we are - Métis.

What is the Certificate of Aboriginal Status that is issued by the Nova Scotia Wampanoag Council?

It is a membership card signifying that you are a Nova Scotia Wampanoag. It is an identification card signifying that you are a person of Wampanoag ancestry and under the Canada Constitution Act, 1982 should have all the rights, opportunities, and privileges accorded to aboriginal people.  This card is used as an identification card for purposes such as:

  • Harvesting rights (hunting, fishing, trapping, gathering) - (under negotiation)

  • Employment (some employers ask for proof of aboriginal ancestry to qualify for employment equity programs)

  • Education (some institutions ask for proof of aboriginal ancestry to qualify for aboriginal-specific bursaries, scholarships, and programs)

  • Procurement (a portion of government services contracts are reserved for aboriginal people and companies and require proof of aboriginal ancestry)

The Nova Scotia Wampanoag Council membership card does not entitle the holder to the tax-exempt purchase of goods or services. Members must not attempt to use their membership cards for fraudulent purposes.